Top Electric Skateboards With Handles. Easily Carry Your Board!

In the history of skateboarding, every skater has had to carry their board.

It’s no different for e-skaters.

We really wish that more brands would put handles on their boards.

It’s an easy thing to add to any board, but if you have to choose between two similar boards, one with a handle and one without, it’s obvious that you should buy the one with a handle.

Why You Need A Handle On Your E-board

Let me tell you, carrying an electric skateboard that weighs 15 to 20 pounds (and sometimes even more) is a pain in the rear. Even though that weight may not seem like much, it is.

This dumbbell doesn’t have a nice shape…

Electric skateboards are long, ungainly, and hard to hold. Since the board doesn’t have a handle, you have to carry it by the trunks. And let me tell you, if you carry the board for more than one block, you’ll start to feel it.

Your hands start to hurt, your arms get tired, and your posture starts to get worse.

It’s a great way to get in shape, but it’s not the best way to get to work every day.

So, we’re going to tell you about the best electric skateboards with handles.

The handles are handy and make it easy to carry the board with just one hand. It makes your board more like a briefcase and makes the weight easier to carry.

Meepo With Handles

Meepo AWD Pro

There’s a reason it’s called “All Wheel Drive” (AWD).

Four… that’s right, each wheel has its own 540-watt motor. All together, that’s 2,160 watts.

With so much power, it’s no surprise that this board can go as fast as 34 mph and has a range of 15 miles.

The coolest thing about this board, though, isn’t that it has one handle—it has two! Yes, the deck has two metal handles, one on each side. You’ll need them because this board is 23 pounds (Yikes!).

Meepo V3

This board’s top speed of 28 mph and standard battery range of 11 miles are great, but the price is what really kills the deal.

Yes, this board costs $379, and its stats are better than those of e-boards that cost three times as much.

Oh, and it has a nice grooved handle that is built right into the design of the deck. Even though 16 pounds isn’t the heaviest, a handle will make it feel like it’s only 8 pounds.

Meepo City Rider

This board is made for the city, as the name suggests. But let’s be honest: the city is a bad place. So rough that even the City Rider’s 6-inch wheels can’t handle it.

You might have to carry the board there.

You’re in luck, because the City Rider has the same kind of metal handles as the AWD Pro.

Both of the handles stick out from the side of the board, but they don’t get in the way of you or your ride in any way.

Oh, and I forgot to say that this board goes 15.5 mph and can go as fast as 22 mph, and it only costs $679. Not too bad!

Ownboard With Handles

Ownboard W1S

This is the most popular Ownboard. If you want to know why, it’s because the board costs only $379.

You’re right! Get one, two, three, or as many as you need for your whole family.

Well, why not? It competes well with a top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12 miles.

This board is easy to move around because it has a nice handle built into it.

Ownboard W2

Even though it costs $529, this board is still very cheap.

This longboard-style electric skateboard has a 38-inch deck and can go as fast as 28 miles per hour. However, the standard range is only 7.5 miles, unless you pay an extra $100 to upgrade the battery.

The cool thing is that on the product page, you can choose whether or not the board comes with a handle, which is a pretty easy question for all of us to answer (HAHA!

Ownboard C1S

When you first look at the C1S, its deck shape and colors make it look a bit like an Evolve Carbon GTR. Just take out the fact that a large oval handle is built into the board…

But it’s not even close to the same price. It only costs $379! A top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12 miles go well with the price.

Even though it looks big on the website, this board is only 35 inches long in real life. (there’s nothing wrong with that).

Ownboard W1AS

Looks like a regular skateboard until you get close enough to see that the bottom has a battery pack.

It has the same specs as most other Ownboards, with a top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12.5 miles. Oh, and how much?

You were right, it was $379.

Just remember that this board has a stiff deck if that’s what you like. (I like flexible longboard decks because they are easier to handle and steer.)

WowGo With Handles

WowGo KT

The WowGo KT is a stiff deck board with a 35-inch width that is a good size for simple commuting and traveling.

It has a range of 12 miles, goes 23 mph, and costs $379. It also has a nice handle.

WowGo isn’t the most famous, but it sure can walk the walk!

WowGo 2S

A board that’s pretty much the same as the Ownboard W2. I swear that these companies are stealing ideas from each other, or that they are all made in the same factory and just have different logos slapped on before they leave…

You get the same price, speed, and range as the KT, but the deck is more versatile (longboard style).

I’ve tried this board a few times before, and I really like the bamboo and maple wood deck.