In 2022, will AirPods be allowed on airplanes? (Airline Overview)

“Here I come, vacation of my dreams!”

Bags? Check.

Boarding pass? Check.

Hotel accommodations? Check.

Onboard entertainment? This is the question.

Can AirPods be worn on an airplane?

Keep reading to discover:

  • Eleven US airlines permit the use of AirPods during flights.
  • One gadget for connecting AirPods to in-flight televisions.
  • Which airlines currently offer in-flight entertainment systems with Bluetooth capability?
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Can AirPods be worn on an airplane?

AirPods can be worn on airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits the use of any Bluetooth device with a short range. A category to which AirPods belong. Now, whether you can wear them during takeoffs and landings depends on the airline in question.

Can AirPods be used on a plane’s TV?

AirPods are compatible with airplane TVs. Some airlines are now in the process of modernizing their in-flight entertainment system. Currently, certain commercial aircraft are capable of connecting to an AirPod. For most aircraft, though, you need require a Bluetooth transmitter.

Midway through 2019, United Airlines revealed intentions to modernize its aircraft.

Delta Airlines would soon thereafter comply.

And now they both have aircraft TVs with Bluetooth connectivity. And expect many others to follow suit in the coming years.

Wireless headphones are a recent innovation. You can thus forgive airlines if the majority of their aircraft have not yet adopted this technology.

However, there is undoubtedly a workaround available in the interim.

And this is made possible via Bluetooth transmitters.

Concerning Bluetooth transmitters

Bluetooth transmitters are headphones-jack-compatible gadgets. And from there, they will broadcast the music to a Bluetooth device that has been linked. Like your AirPods.

Where can I obtain these?

They are easily accessible via Amazon and other internet retailers.

Here are a few of the greatest available:

  • The Twelve South Airfly Duo
  • Transmitters from ZIIDOO and UGREEN

Depending on the brand, prices range from approximately $20 to over $40.

How do I utilize it on an airplane?

Initially, confirm that your AirPods and transmitter are paired. The method is straightforward. As simple as pairing AirPods with a laptop.

Here’s how to enable pairing mode on your AirPods:

  1. Insert the AirPods into the charging case.
  2. Keep the lid of the case open.
  3. press and hold the button on the case.

When the indication light flashes white, the devices are ready to pair.

Transmitter specifications vary per manufacturer. Typically, though, there is a button to push and hold to enter pairing mode.

The two devices should then pair automatically.

And after you board the aircraft…

Simply insert the transmitter into the jack for headphones. The audio should now play through your AirPods.

Interested in observing how AirPods link with a Bluetooth transmitter? Then here is the video for you:

11 airlines that permit AirPods onboard.

While the information here is accurate as of the day this article was written, it is always subject to change. Always verify with the flight attendant before to using AirPods on board the aircraft.

1: Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines website discussed Bluetooth devices with a short range. These are permitted aboard their aircraft. AirPods are one of these.

Their in-flight entertainment system currently lacks Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you must utilize a transmitter.

Additionally, your gadget can only be used above 10,000 feet. You must disable them during flight and landing.

This is owing to their adherence to local and international regulations.

2: American Airlines is ranked second

American Airlines has permitted the use of portable electronic devices since 2013. In reality, gate to gate.

It indicates the ability to use gadgets from the terminal. To boarding and departure. Up till the touchdown and deplaning.

In addition, they began updating their jets in late 2021.

A select number of their aircraft now feature Bluetooth connectivity. This is in addition to 4K monitors. In addition to 17-inch monitors for seats in business class.

3: Delta Airlines

Since 2013, Delta has permitted Bluetooth devices onboard. Similar to American Airlines.

However, they do have a limitation. Your gadget must be turned off during takeoff and landing.

Aside from that, you may use your AirPods at any time during the trip.

4: Envoy Air

Envoy Air is one of the best regional airlines in America. This corporation situated in Texas is owned by American Airlines.

Therefore, their rules and regulations are identical to those of their parent firm.

Therefore, similarly to American Airlines, AirPods are permitted here. Also gate-to-gate.

5: Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is renowned for its exceptionally low prices.

Consequently, this airline does not provide inflight movies. Since they strive to save clients as much money as possible.

However, clients are permitted to carry their own gadgets, so you can use your AirPods as well as your smartphone and laptop during the journey. However, they must be turned off during takeoff and landing.

6: Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines accepts small and portable electronic devices.

According to their website, these should weigh no more than 2 pounds. And they must be powered by batteries or electronics.

AirPods are quite lightweight. Less below the two-pound limit.

Therefore, you are free to use them during flying. Take in some tropical music. And set the tone while traveling to one of Hawaii’s gorgeous islands.

7:  JetBlue Airways

Another airline that permits AirPods is JetBlue.

They can be utilized during takeoffs and landings. In addition to the flight’s total duration.

The only time they cannot be used is during landings with low visibility.

The reason for this is because your device could interfere with the transmission. Making it more difficult for the pilot to land the aircraft.

However, their website was reassuring. Such landings occur on only 1% of their flights.

8: SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest is maybe not a big US airline. Since 2013, they’ve also permitted electronic devices.

In addition, this Utah-based airline permits the use of small electronics from gate to gate. So that you can use AirPods at any moment. Prior to, during, and following the flight.

This is one of the many excellent reasons to select this airline for your next trip to the Midwest.

9: Southwest Airlines ranks ninth

SouthWest is one of the largest airlines in America.

Additionally, they are one of the first airlines to allow electronic devices on board.

Therefore, sure, you may absolutely use your AirPods while flying.

Their aircraft have a BYOD policy. Use Your Own Equipment. In contrast to other airlines, they do not supply headphones.

Additionally, they permit devices such as AirPods. They encourage individuals to bring them.

10: Spirit Airlines

“Aruba… Jamaica…”

Do you wish to see the locations described in the song Kokomo?

Spirit Airlines provides service there.

This Florida-based airline primarily serves destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Additionally, you can use your AirPods while flying. You may listen to these reggae hits while in flight.

The only restriction is to turn off electronic gadgets while below 10,000 feet. The pilots and flight attendants will inform you of this.

11: United Airlines ranks

United is a pioneering American airline.

Additionally, they are one of the first airlines to permit electronic devices on flights.

And I did highlight their upgrade announcement.

It is currently in a phase of gradual rollout.

Particularly on their Boeing 737 Max 8 jets, Bluetooth-compatible TV monitors have been installed.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to catch a flight there…

You will have access to first-rate entertainment. AirPods with Bluetooth connectivity.

Can AirPods be used on an aircraft in the UK?

You can use AirPods on a flight to the United Kingdom. The UK’s equivalent to the FAA is the Civil Aviation Authority. Since 2013, they have permitted the use of small electronic gadgets. This includes Bluetooth gadgets with a limited range, such as AirPods.

Most British airline limitations are comparable to their American counterparts.