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It is true that we cannot survive without computers but a machine is a machine after all it is only as good as the operator that uses it.  Wherever you go, there is a computer or atleast one that closely resembles a computer.  I am notAfee with its antivirus software, I just try to use the phone and browser that I got for free with the Windows Operating System Vista.  Even theitizer printing, scan disk, online form filling service and biometric access to the system.  I have not got a single problem with my Windows Vista and I thus intend to keep it for a long time to come.

It is true that one can make Vista look like XP but then why did they have to rank it as such a low system?  The answer is only in the features that are provided by the manufacturer and the platform on which it will run.  As for a machine, maybe it is the right choice if your platform is wrong.  But what if yours is the right choice and the Vista is the showcase of a newer technology?  What then do you do?  How will you get the Vista features?  Download a virtual machine and you will have it at your finger tips.  If you are using the 64 bit version of Windows, you may need to download the 64 bit virtual machine files.

You have already made the change, you have downloaded the Windows Vista virtual machine files, so now what are you going to do?  Learn how to use Boot Camp

Boot Camp is the most widely used third party software that will allow you to run Windows Vista on Mac OSX systems.  The first step for you to start is to burn the Windows Vista DVD to a blank disc.  You will need a DVD burner if you intend to create an unlimited number of virtual drives.  With the optical drive still attached, shut down the PC and boot from the DVD.  Wait for 3 minutes while the OS downloads and installs components.  That’s it, you’re done.  You will need to burn the other drivers and software to the same disc or you can use a USB hard drive if you want.

Should you need any other software, go to the Apple website and search for it.  You will find it very easy to download and install.

As you can see it is not as complicated as it would first appear to be.  However you will need some basic computer knowledge and know sort of how to Haz machine and how to use Boot Camp.  You will need a way to manipulate BIOS settings and know how to use a computer without needing a HDD or a bootable CD.  Basic computer skills will help you toNavigate Windows Vista.

Windows Vista hardware requirements

In order to use Windows Vista you will need the following specifications:

Processor speed of 300MhzFast video memory compatibility for a 64 Megapixel digital camera or for a camera with similar resolution within the same ISP (Internet Protocol) Input / output eSATA or USB hard drive, hard drive

Recommended system specification for Windows Vista

At a minimum, you’ll need the following components in order to experience best performance:

Important:Try to purchase components that match your computer’s processor speed.  Meeting these components you will receive an optimal result.

Important:If you plan to use the computer as a server with a network, the above components may not be enough.  You will need additional RAM, a Encounter CD/DVD ROM, a Network Adapter (Athlon or Wireless-Wired) and a Firewall.  You can get all these components in our store!


Monitors: Monitor bright screen aggravates you when you have to read a book, play games or watch a movie.  Too bright can cause eye fixture damage.


Modem: modem error messages can completely cripple your computer.  If using a modem, try switching to a high speed cable or DSL or phone line.

DVD burner card: the ISO format DVD has become obsolete.  All this disk burning software requires is a blank disc which the program can read.  FastDVD is the af preferred software for burning movies, TV series, audio, pdf files, emails, and other similar data.


The manufacturer of a given product is the only person who can authorize software for use on any computer.  However, the software itself can be copyrighted.  This would be the only application that can contain other copyrighted programs as well like anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Software errors will be advent some time! Remember to read the documentation very carefully before installing and using it.