25 May, 2022

Top Electric Skateboards With Handles. Easily Carry Your Board!

In the history of skateboarding, every skater has had to carry their board.

It’s no different for e-skaters.

We really wish that more brands would put handles on their boards.

It’s an easy thing to add to any board, but if you have to choose between two similar boards, one with a handle and one without, it’s obvious that you should buy the one with a handle.

Why You Need A Handle On Your E-board

Let me tell you, carrying an electric skateboard that weighs 15 to 20 pounds (and sometimes even more) is a pain in the rear. Even though that weight may not seem like much, it is.

This dumbbell doesn’t have a nice shape…

Electric skateboards are long, ungainly, and hard to hold. Since the board doesn’t have a handle, you have to carry it by the trunks. And let me tell you, if you carry the board for more than one block, you’ll start to feel it.

Your hands start to hurt, your arms get tired, and your posture starts to get worse.

It’s a great way to get in shape, but it’s not the best way to get to work every day.

So, we’re going to tell you about the best electric skateboards with handles.

The handles are handy and make it easy to carry the board with just one hand. It makes your board more like a briefcase and makes the weight easier to carry.

Meepo With Handles

Meepo AWD Pro

There’s a reason it’s called “All Wheel Drive” (AWD).

Four… that’s right, each wheel has its own 540-watt motor. All together, that’s 2,160 watts.

With so much power, it’s no surprise that this board can go as fast as 34 mph and has a range of 15 miles.

The coolest thing about this board, though, isn’t that it has one handle—it has two! Yes, the deck has two metal handles, one on each side. You’ll need them because this board is 23 pounds (Yikes!).

Meepo V3

This board’s top speed of 28 mph and standard battery range of 11 miles are great, but the price is what really kills the deal.

Yes, this board costs $379, and its stats are better than those of e-boards that cost three times as much.

Oh, and it has a nice grooved handle that is built right into the design of the deck. Even though 16 pounds isn’t the heaviest, a handle will make it feel like it’s only 8 pounds.

Meepo City Rider

This board is made for the city, as the name suggests. But let’s be honest: the city is a bad place. So rough that even the City Rider’s 6-inch wheels can’t handle it.

You might have to carry the board there.

You’re in luck, because the City Rider has the same kind of metal handles as the AWD Pro.

Both of the handles stick out from the side of the board, but they don’t get in the way of you or your ride in any way.

Oh, and I forgot to say that this board goes 15.5 mph and can go as fast as 22 mph, and it only costs $679. Not too bad!

Ownboard With Handles

Ownboard W1S

This is the most popular Ownboard. If you want to know why, it’s because the board costs only $379.

You’re right! Get one, two, three, or as many as you need for your whole family.

Well, why not? It competes well with a top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12 miles.

This board is easy to move around because it has a nice handle built into it.

Ownboard W2

Even though it costs $529, this board is still very cheap.

This longboard-style electric skateboard has a 38-inch deck and can go as fast as 28 miles per hour. However, the standard range is only 7.5 miles, unless you pay an extra $100 to upgrade the battery.

The cool thing is that on the product page, you can choose whether or not the board comes with a handle, which is a pretty easy question for all of us to answer (HAHA!

Ownboard C1S

When you first look at the C1S, its deck shape and colors make it look a bit like an Evolve Carbon GTR. Just take out the fact that a large oval handle is built into the board…

But it’s not even close to the same price. It only costs $379! A top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12 miles go well with the price.

Even though it looks big on the website, this board is only 35 inches long in real life. (there’s nothing wrong with that).

Ownboard W1AS

Looks like a regular skateboard until you get close enough to see that the bottom has a battery pack.

It has the same specs as most other Ownboards, with a top speed of 25 mph and a standard range of 12.5 miles. Oh, and how much?

You were right, it was $379.

Just remember that this board has a stiff deck if that’s what you like. (I like flexible longboard decks because they are easier to handle and steer.)

WowGo With Handles

WowGo KT

The WowGo KT is a stiff deck board with a 35-inch width that is a good size for simple commuting and traveling.

It has a range of 12 miles, goes 23 mph, and costs $379. It also has a nice handle.

WowGo isn’t the most famous, but it sure can walk the walk!

WowGo 2S

A board that’s pretty much the same as the Ownboard W2. I swear that these companies are stealing ideas from each other, or that they are all made in the same factory and just have different logos slapped on before they leave…

You get the same price, speed, and range as the KT, but the deck is more versatile (longboard style).

I’ve tried this board a few times before, and I really like the bamboo and maple wood deck.


20 May, 2022

How does a rotary lawn mower work

When it comes to grass quality, the cutting systems are more significant than the lawnmower’s power source for the time being. Lawn mowers typically have one of two cutting methods.
There are anywhere from five to twelve blades on the front of a cylinder mower or reel mower that rotate like a pair of scissors, trapping and slicing the grass against a fixed bottom plate like a pair of scissors. The better the cut, the more blades there are. Foregrounding the box of grass.
The disadvantage of this cutting technology is that it only cuts short or low grass. For a decent cut, this calls for frequent mowing, ideally twice weekly, but at the very least once weekly throughout the growing season.
rotary lawn mowers have a single, extremely fast-moving blade at the bottom of the machine. A fast speed of the blade causes it to ‘chops’ the grass upon impact. The grass box is often attached to the mower after it has been cut, however some models come with a built-in grass box. These mowers are best suited for a medium to high-cut lawn.
Ride-on mowers and tractor mowers, which are merely larger versions of ride-on mowers, are available as alternatives. There are many types of hover mowers that are popular in the United States. Hand mowers, which resemble cylinder mowers but are powered by the user, are still in use by some people.

Quality of Grass Cutting

Cylinder mowers are superior to rotary mowers because of their cutting motion, which is similar to that of a slicing “scissor” blade. When you consider all the other defects in the lawn, most people won’t notice the difference between a rotary mower with sharp blades and appropriate power and a traditional mower.
Consider a bottle of wine as an analogy to better understand the ‘quality of cut thing.’ A bottle of excellent wine might cost anywhere from £20 to £30. If the wine is truly exceptional, the price per bottle could be as high as £200. How many of us were able to tell? It doesn’t matter if you have a nice rotary mower or a decent cylinder mower; the results are the same.

Mower Maintenance

A cylinder mower’s blades must also be adjusted on a regular basis to provide a consistent level of cut quality. If this isn’t done correctly, the mower will ‘chew’ the grass, resulting in a terrible cut that is even worse than a rotary mower’s. Because of this, cylinder mowers should be avoided by anyone who is not mechanically inclined or who does not want to fuss.

Mower Height Adjustment

In comparison to cylinder mowers, rotary mowers have a wider range and a different sort of height adjustment. If you have a good cylinder lawnmower, you can lift it up to an inch or so and still get good mowing results. Whereas, the cutting capacity of the standard rotary lawnmower can be increased to perhaps 3″ or even 4″ without compromising quality.
In order to stay under the “one third rule,” a cylinder mower’s small range of height adjustment frequently necessitates mowing at least twice weekly. In addition, the mower is able to function effectively and neatly as a result of this. In the height of the season, bowling and golf greens are often mowed every one to two days.

The one third rule: never remove more than one third of the grass lead on any one cut

It is possible to modify the height of the chair using either a screw thread or lever action. The number of settings controls how much the cutting height changes from one setting to another. Higher and lower cutting heights can be improved by having a wider range of cutting heights. Having a mower with five settings is nice, and having a mower with seven settings is even better. Ten or more settings are common in ride-ons.
Even if a lawn is of excellent quality, it will always be greener and healthier if it is trimmed at or above 1 inch in height due to its inherent flaws, such as surface irregularities, poor drainage, shading, trees and roots, and children and dogs.

This means using a rotary mower!

To avoid scalping, your lawn must be perfectly flat and composed of fine, bristle-like grasses. Lawnsmith believes that cylinder mowers should only be used by committed amateur gardeners and lawn aficionados, whilst rotary mowers should be reserved for everyone else.

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19 May, 2022

What is the RPX Regal?

The Regal Premium Experience is what RPX stands for. The Regal Experience is a movie-going experience that Regal came up with and announced in 2009. Since the RPX theater experience opened in 2009, though, there has been a lot of talk about it. A lot can be said about the Regal RPX theater experience, especially when compared to Dolby Cinema, DX, IMAX, and other theater formats.

The Regal Theater opened in 1989, but since then, it has grown a lot. Through their partnership with Cineworld, they have also become the second largest theater chain in the world. They have theaters all over the United States. Today, the RPX movie experience gives people a fully immersive cinematic experience with a big screen and loud but clear sound.

What is RPX at the movies?

When the RPX is installed in a theater, you will find a screen that is up to 60 feet wide and a fully upgraded sound experience.

The Regal Premium Experience is a high-end movie-going experience that aims to make people happy in the most amazing ways. The RPX theater has a Barkos DP4K 3D projector that can show high-quality images up to 4K on the whole screen.

An RPX movie theater is all about giving you a cinematic experience that is much better than what you get at a regular theater.

It has better sound, a bigger screen (both in size and in quality), leather seats, and in some RPX theaters, seats that can be leaned back. This also includes a sound experience with Dolby Atmos. This is done so that the acoustic sound will not only be loud but also very clear.

Check out this guide to learn more about RPX at the movies.

What is the RPX Regal Premium Experience?

The Regal Premium Experience is a movie-going experience like no other. It gives people uncompressed surround sound and pictures that make their eyes pop. These movies are shown in the best quality, and the sound is loud and full.

People who like to watch movies will enjoy the luxury setting that was built just for them.

Regal wants to offer its guests the latest technology in a variety of ways to see and hear things.

People who go to the movies can enjoy the Regal Premium Experience in a theater that was made just for them. It also has a large, immersive screen that is lit by high-quality digital projectors and comes with a state-of-the-art, uncompressed surround sound system.

The sound is lossless, which means it is very loud and keeps its quality. This means you can hear even the smallest sounds in a movie.

What is the Regal Premium Experience 2d?

Regal premium experience 2D means getting a movie in the same way it was recorded, but with better quality. The 2D format is the standard width-and-height display, with no special effects.

When you watch a 2D movie with the Regal Premium Experience, the sound and projection are both better.

Even without special effects, movies will look and work better on the RPX screen than on a standard display. This is because the screen is bigger, the sound is better, and there are more comfortable places to sit.

IMAX or RPX Regal

The IMAX theater experience is a way to watch movies that brings the audience closer to the screen. This makes it possible to really get into a video.

The RPX Regal Premium Experience gives viewers a good view and good sound, but the IMAX experience beats it. If you look at the size of the screens at IMAX and RPX Regal side by side, IMAX has bigger screens.

But that’s not all IMAX has going for it. While RPX has 7.1 channels of surround sound, IMAX has 12 channels of high-quality sound.

Before choosing between the two, you should think about a lot of other things. This includes things like the size of the hall, the size of the screen, the sound quality, and how comfortable the seats are.

But RPX Regals are much better in terms of comfort because they have seating equipment that makes them more comfortable.

Large, high-quality formats with branding for the exhibitor

The layout and design of the regal RPX makes it easier to look straight at the premium big format screen, which is a great idea for showing brand graphics that stay in front of the audience.

This strategy gives the brand being shown a way to connect with the people who are watching their favorite movie.

But since this is a new way to brand your business, you might need to think about a few things.

  1. Make sure the design looks good and fits the atmosphere of the theater.
  2. Make sure the branding of the exhibitor is something that will easily get the attention of the people in the theater. So, it might be a good idea to use colors, slogans, and characters that people can easily connect with.
  3. The size of the screen in an RPX theater will be different from that of a regular theater and other theaters that don’t have RPX. So, if you are making a campaign or ads for the RPX stage, you might want to remember to take the size into account.

Really high-quality formats

True premium formats improve on the way movies were made in the first place. This makes the movies look and sound better, but it doesn’t change how they look or sound.

There are a number of really high-end formats, such as UltraAVX, IMAX, and D-Box, which all enlarge the movie to make it more immersive. A high-quality cinema experience is used to show this improved picture.

This premium format is more than just the screen and sound. It also includes other features that make the game more comfortable. This can be as big as Dolby Atmos surround sound or as small as the different ways to sit.

rer110713a/Biz/11.07.13/Roberto E. Rosales
Pictured is the new RPX(Regal Premium Experience) theater located inside the new Regal Winrock Stadium movie complex. The theater will open next week.
buquerque Journal)Roberto E. Rosales


Does RPX Have Value?

This will be different from place to place and from person to person. Everyone can’t have the same answer.

Changing from the usual theater experience to the royal RPX experience could be worth all the fuss. But not everyone agrees with this, especially since opinions vary so much from one RPX theater to the next. Some theater RPXs might be more fun for you than others.

The Regal Premium Experience is a new kind of movie theater with leather seats, loudspeakers, and a 40-by-60-inch screen. But if the seats were not comfortable, most people would question the need to pay an extra dollar.

People still like going to movies in theater formats like IMAX and 4DX because they have a bigger screen and better effects.

Is RPX in 3D?

A 3D theater is not the same as an RPX theater. It gives you a better way to watch movies in 2D and 3D.

The idea behind the RPX theater is to show movies in a more comfortable and immersive way. So, this could be in 2D, 3D, or even 4K, and the screen, sound, and recliner seat could all be improved.

What Does RPX Mean?

Movie theaters with the regal premium experience are called RPX theaters. This is an experience with louder, more clear, and more immersive sound, and some of the theater seats can be leaned back.

Movie theaters are always looking for ways to improve their theaters so that they can give their customers the best experience possible.

The leather chairs and the Dolby Atmos sound system are two of the best things about the RPX theater. Even though the leather chairs are more comfortable, it’s the sound that really makes you feel like you’re in the movie.

RPX vs Standard

Standard is a movie theater format that has been around for a long time and can be found in any theater, from the smallest to the most advanced. Most of the time, they just show movies on a screen. RPX is a much better way to watch movies than other services.

The Regal Premium Experience is better than the old way of going to the movies. It has better sound, a better screen, and a better layout for the seats. So, a better option than the usual.

RPX vs 4DX

4DX is a new way to see a movie in the theater that gives people a whole new experience. It’s a high-tech theater show with special effects for sound, light, smell, and seating.

In the 4DX format, the seat moves to match what’s happening on the screen.

The RPX, on the other hand, is a simple technology with better sound, a bigger screen, and more comfortable seats than a traditional theater.

But the RPX format is nowhere near as good as the 4DX. This is because 4DX shows movies in a way that adds to the screen. It has environmental effects like rain, a vibrating seat, wind, strobe lighting, and fog, which make it feel like you’re really in the movie.


The Regal Premium Experience makes going to the movies better by making the video and sound more immersive. It lets you watch movies with effects that have never been seen before.

With new technology like the RPX theater experience, people can watch movies in different ways.

Even though the RPX is the newest way to watch movies, it is not the best. There are still better ways to watch movies, like 4DX, IMAX, and the Dolby formats. But we hope that the RPX format will get better in the years to come.


15 May, 2022

Is Nvidia G-SYNC Worth It? – There is a [Simple Guide]

A lot of people have no idea what G-sync is and why they should use it. Everyone has probably pondered whether or not this is worthwhile. G-sync technology has been hailed as a worthwhile investment by a large number of gamers. In light of its robust performance, it appears to be a high-end approach.

In addition, it is true that not everyone is enamored with computers and eager to learn about their capabilities. As a result, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll do our best to make sure you understand everything you read about Nvidia G-sync in this article. Furthermore, it ensures that no visible screen tearing is released, at least to the human eye.

So, G-sync is an adaptive technology that works solely for the purpose of eliminating stuttering on the display screen. Smooth and fluid graphics are achieved by ensuring that the refresh rate matches the frame rate. If you’re wondering whether or not Nvidia G-sync is worth it, we’ve got the answer for you!

G-SYNC technology from Nvidia

If you’re talking about frame rate and refresh rate synchronization, you don’t need a bird’s eye view to notice screen tearing and malfunctioning. There is no doubt that G-sync is a hardware-based technology. Televisions, laptops, and a slew of other displays make use of it.

As a result, the Nvidia scalar module appears to be required for G-sync to work as expected on your LCD monitor or display screen. You can rely on the technology to take your gaming to the next level because it has the best overall performance and consistently smooth and responsive output.

On Your PC, How Do You Enable G-SYNC?

You may already be thinking about trying out this new and exciting technology on your computer.. The G-sync feature can be enabled fairly easily. We’ve laid out the steps below, and by following them, you’ll be able to activate the feature immediately. Once you’ve enabled G-sync, you’ll be able to enjoy a fluid gaming experience with top-tier performance.

  1. The first step is to open the Nvidia control panel by right-clicking on the desktop.
  2. A new window will open, from which you can select G-sync from the sidebar that has been expanded.
  3. You’ll be given the option to turn it on only for the full screen or for both the full screen and the window mode; make your selection. And that’s it!

What G-sync does to the screen, and what it does to you?

Nvidia has the best features to keep your gameplay fluid and transparent at a high frame rate. High-tech and responsive design will be a big hit with you.

  • Allows the display to perform at a variable refresh rate, making it a more appealing technology of recent times.
  • Images are stuttering and vibrating.
  • Keeps the gaming action moving at a rapid pace.
  • Video quality should be preserved at all costs
  • shortest possible time lag between action and instructions

Nvidia G-sync is not for me.

A few things should be kept in mind when learning about the G-sync display method in order to gain a better understanding. Some aspects of this technology, like all others, may not sit well with some people. Check them out and see what they are:

  • A lot of people find G-sync to be a luxury or a pricey approach because it is a proprietary technology. FreeSync or G-sync doesn’t make any difference to non-gamers, so why bother?
  • It is possible that G-sync will increase input lag for many professionals due to its reliance on the refresh rate of the monitor.
  • Nvidia G-sync, as the name implies, is only compatible with Nvidia graphics cards. It’s a drawback that it doesn’t work with AMD graphics cards.


Do I need NVIDIA G-sync?

G-sync is a very useful feature if you have to deal with poor latency, tearing, and stuttering of the images on your display screen. Also, the strong technology that has gotten a lot of good feedback makes it possible for the refresh rate to keep up with the frame rate. But you need the Nvidia GPU to use this technology and get its benefits.

How does Nvidia G-sync work?

First, the G-sync technology was made to work with the V-sync technology, which later became its own G-sync. It helps the display screen have a dynamic refresh rate that works well with the GPU. If your display monitor is compatible with an Nvidia graphics card, you can use this technology without any problems. So, make sure you have the recommended setup from the start and don’t worry about why it won’t work right.

Does G-sync can be a worthy choice?

G-sync is a strong technology, as was already said. But if you compare it to FreeSync, you might find it a bit pricey. But because it works so well, it also lets its users work quickly. You don’t have to deal with the annoying frame rate limit for a smooth display if it slows down your work.

So you can figure out how important it is to you. Of course, the final decision is always yours, and you don’t have to choose this if you’re not a gamer who hasn’t dealt with graphics, refresh rate, etc. In the end, it’s up to you.

On the other hand, you won’t be sorry you bought the G-Sync Nydia if you want to experience a high-end approach, powerful graphics, and a fun, exciting feel. Also, the quality makes it even better. You can choose the Nvidia G-sync technology if you want the best and highest-quality gaming experience.

Would it make a difference to use the G-sync?

G-sync gives it a special and more important place in the gaming world than any other technology. Not only does it work well, but its design is also pretty user-friendly.

Also, the game’s gameplay and smooth, polished final performance show that G-sync is working. And with an LCD screen that has a range of frame rates from 30fps to 144Hz, you can be sure that the excitement, enjoyment, and fun of the game will stay the same all over.

It stands out because the graphics look real and the game keeps going. So, if you have a monitor that works with Nvidia G-sync, you have a powerful and new way to keep things from lagging.

One Last Thing

G-sync is a technology that makes everything about the display stronger. By preventing screen tearing and stuttering, you can also make sure that the graphics look smooth in every frame. This is why so many serious gamers are amazed by it. Even though it can be expensive, it makes you live up to expectations and hopes.

Overall, the G-sync question is not something that can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No.” So many things affect whether it’s a good or bad deal. Some people like it, but others don’t.

For example, your budget, configuration, compatibility, and, of course, how serious you are as a gamer will determine whether you need a G-sync display or just a regular display screen.