How to Tell if a Subwoofer is Blown

The subwoofer is an important part of a stereo because it boosts the bass and gives you a fuller sound when you listen to music. After a while, though, it starts to break down, and it doesn’t sound the same anymore. How to tell if a subwoofer is blown is the topic of this article. I’ll tell you how to test a subwoofer to see if it’s blown and how to fix a blown subwoofer.

Why does the sound from my subwoofer sound weak and distorted?

1.Too much power

This can happen when the subwoofer is turned up too high or turned down too low. The power rating with the most force shouldn’t be used for a long time. Even though it said the subwoofer could handle being loud for a long time when you bought it. It’s meant to be played every so often, not all the time.

The power of the tears pulls the voice coils away from the spider. This makes little or no sound.

You can also hurt the subwoofer by not giving enough power to the speakers. This makes the voice coils overheat and get stuck. And when that happens, you know your subwoofer is dead.

2.Signal messed up

Please don’t turn it up to hear it better when the signal is messed up, as this can damage the subwoofer. It’s usually made worse by the fact that you might not be able to hear the distorted signal until you’ve turned it up too high and done damage.

It is important to look at the subwoofer to figure out how much damage has been done. When a subwoofer blows, different kinds of damage can happen. You can learn how to do the tests without making the broken subwoofer worse.

How to find out if a subwoofer is dead

1.Pay attention to the noise

The sound you hear will tell you right away how much damage was done. Play some audio at a low volume, then slowly turn up both the volume and the bass. Listen for any changes in the sound quality. Check to see if you can hear cracks, pops, and static in general. Different sounds mean different things. For example, if there is no sound at all, it could be that the subwoofer is completely broken. If the audio signal is coming into your sub through a cable, check first before ruling out anything.

Partial sound with distortion: If you play at any volume and hear a weak and distorted sound, it means that your subwoofer is partially broken.

2.Check the cone of the speaker

Since the speaker cone is suspended, it should be soft and easy to tear. Checking the speaker cone is the easiest test because you only need your hands to do it, but you do need to pay attention. First, take off the cover so you can reach the cone. Then, carefully move the cone with both hands, but don’t use any force.

This could be because the voice coil is broken or stuck. It means that it’s gone.

Unstable cone: If the cone moves around in an unsteady way, the suspension system might get in the way.

Sounds that are rough or scratchy mean that the damage is already done and the cone needs to be replaced.

3.Check the voice coil of the subwoofer

A subwoofer’s voice coil is usually attached to the cone and has both negative and positive ends. It makes the electricity that goes to the speakers stronger. For this test, you’ll need a multimeter, which measures electrical resistance.

How to use a multimeter to check if a voice coil works

Taking the subwoofer away from the power source.

Pull the cables out of the audio inputs.

Take the sub out of the cage.

Connect the two probes to the multimeter.

To measure the ohms, turn on the multimeter.

Put the black probe on the negative lead and the red probe on the positive lead.

By now, the multimeter should be able to tell how much resistance there is. Round it up to the nearest whole number for the correct resistance.

The results can be understood as;

  •  No resistance/infinite resistance – damaged voice coils.
  • Changing readings; voice coil is completely broken.
  • If the reading is above 1.0 ohm, the voice coil works.

If you think your subwoofer is broken, the first thing you should do is take it out of your car. The audio equipment gets worse the longer you stay there. Next, you can see if your warranty is still good and get it fixed or replaced by the company that made it. Before you open it, do this. After that, you can call a repair person.

How to fix a subwoofer that’s broken

If the subwoofer fails the tests, you can decide to buy a new one if the one that failed was old. You can fix the old one if you don’t want to buy a new one. To fix a subwoofer that has blown, you have to try to fix different problems, such as;

1.Subwoofer cone and coil

  • Take away the talker.
  • Cut the spider out.
  • Take off the voice coil and the seal, and clean up any dirt or dust.
  • Take off the wires and solder.
  • Align the new coil with the ends of the wires.
  • Stick the spider back where it was.
  • where the glue was put on the gasket.
  • The speaker cone needs to be put in the right place.
  • Place the lead-out wires against the cone.
  • Connect and thread the lead wires.
  • The dust and cone cover should be put back on.
  • Put the lead wires in the basket terminals and solder them.
  • Check it out after you changed the driver.

2.Foam surround

  • Take the seal off of the frame.
  • Cut off the part of the subwoofer that was broken.
  • Use alcohol to get rid of the residue.
  • Put the new foam around it.
  • Place the new foam ring and give the glue time to set.
  • Put the gasket back on.


  • Get a paper towel and some glue for the speaker dust cap.
  • Use glue to cover the hole in the paper towel.
  • To avoid making a mess, the paper towel should be smooth and one piece.

4.Stuck voice coil

  • Look for a flashlight or something else round.
  • Put the coil back where it belongs.
  • Check to see if it works.


Before deciding that a subwoofer is broken, the first thing you should do is test it and figure out which part is broken. Then, you can decide to fix it quickly with things you already have, call a technician, or buy everything at once. Using the steps and procedures we’ve talked about above to fix it would be the cheapest way, of course.

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